In one small part of yoga, we study the body.  Most people are familiar with the ways in which the Science of Yoga helps us to connect with our bodies and begin to listen to our own intuition when it comes to working with the body.

This is just a small part of yoga, but it has offered a lot of healing to a lot of people.  Just like each of us have different bodies, each of us have different personalities.

Ultimately, yoga is the greatest blessing, because it teaches me about the greatest treasure that lies completely beyond body, personality, and the entire mind!

But just like studying the body can create healing and help us out here in this material realm, I also believe that studying personality and our unique emotional landscapes can be really helpful.  Getting stuck studying these things can also be a hindrance, so I can’t stop there.  But I also know how it has helped me understand myself and others, and helped me get along better day-to-day with myself and others.

Here are my favorite personality studies websites (and for anyone who is interested, my “type” is on the cusp of ISFJ/INFJ):

(you can also just go to

Free Myers Briggs Personality Test Online


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