Below something I wrote a while ago, while trying to compile thoughts and feelings into a notebook for students to have.  I never really did much with the collection.  But this one in particular, as I read it, shows me how hard it is to put certain things into words in a really good way.

Recent events in the news always get me wondering how can we open our hearts more and Be Receptive?  I went on a search to understand how this process happens for people.  I read about how God does not force His love on anyone.  I read about how “God has everything, He only wants our Love.”  How do we become more loving?  How does it work?

In my search, I read from the Bible, “all are called, but few are chosen,” and that when we are “chosen,” God makes his love IRRESISTIBLE.  That God does not force His love upon us, but encourages, urges, and eventually makes His love IRRESISTIBLE.  I kept thinking, well, how can we express love in a way that it becomes IRRESISTIBLE, so that more and more people are unafraid to open their hearts and feel it?  Maybe this is something only God can do, when the time is right, for each person.  But I also think God works through each of us.

When I think about Being Receptive, I also think about vulnerability, courage, and empathy.  I like what Brene Brown, says about it in her videos below:


Power of Vulnerability



be receptive



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