I’ll post pictures here of people in yoga poses! 😀

♡♡♡ As I practice with sincerity and devotion, I naturally discover that poses become my prayers, a sacrificial offering to God and all manifestations of God, and a celebration in gratitude for my Life. Om Shanti ♡♡♡


total restorative savasana  child's poserestorative poses
— supported savasana & child’s pose


crossfit class


stretching the upper back  at crossfit 🙂



low lunge 2 cropped low lunge

warrior 2 1   warrior 2warrior two

warrior 1 warrior one

headstand 1 headstand

getting into headstand 1 getting into headstand 2 getting into headstand 3 getting into headstand

handstand 4 handstand

handstand 2 handstand variation

downward dog downward dogdownward dog

bow pose bow pose

upward facing bow upward facing bow

cobra cobra

shoulder stand preparation shoulder stand getting into shoulder stand

fish pose fish




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