meditation 2

These are just some pictures of my and my partner/hub/bff Scott’s backyard.

We love our back yard, because we get to be creative and be outside in all seasons.  We have found that the plants really do well with some love and freedom to be what they already want to be… and they really do need plenty of sun!  We’ve gotten some pretty good yields of certain veggies, and keep learning with every year that goes by.  I like to garden in the same way I approach Sadhana– with joy, giving and receiving a feeling of freedom, application of work & effort & some discipline, relaxation, allowing nature to lead the way, breathing fresh air, having freedom to make mistakes, letting go of expectations, considering ego-less-ness & non-attachment, having reverence for and love of Mother Nature, Trusting in God, not worrying about the fruit of the action (literally!), carrying on regardless of failures, and remembering that

“no sincere effort is wasted” along the path.

garden 1


garden 3

grape vine and okra

garden 4


garden 5

fig tree, 2015

garden 6

full back yard, 2015

full garden 2016 2

full back yard, 2016

garden 7


garden 8

butterflies & zinnias

garden 9

butterflies & zinnias

butterfly 2016

butterfly and echinacea

garden 10

butternut squash

garden 11

herbs in front, watermelon vine in back

garden 13


garden 14


garden 15

strawberry patch

garden 17

pole beans

garden 18

corn, squash, and pole beans (three sisters planting)

garden 19


loofah 2016


full garden 2016 1

garden 2016

cosmo 2016


morning glory 2016

morning glory

zinnia 2016


sunflower 2016

sunflower with bee



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