I didn’t make any of these recipes up myself… sources are mentioned or linked to websites 🙂


pretty smoothie

The tools I use are:

  • really good chopping knife (we like the Chinese Vegetable Cleaver)
  • cutting board, at least one big mixing bowl and a few others will usually be needed
  • food processor (all I actually have is the tiny Cuisinart Mini Food Prep Food Processor!  might need to get a bigger one soon, with some attachments.  but for now, this has worked for all the recipes below!
  • high powered blender (this is actually needed for several of the recipes… it’s also expensive, but also worth it.  we got an older model Vitamix, and it was half the price of the newer models.  you can also get a refurbished model from the manufacturer.  you can always try using just a regular blender at first!!)
  • juicer (this is only needed for one or two recipes… it’s really expensive, but really worth it if you can find a way to get one…  we have the Omega J8006, and we love it.
  • spiral slicer (we have the Veggetti and it works just fine!  Costs about $10)



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