Finally successfully made homemade laundry detergent, thanks to a beloved friend of mine! I had to invest $25, but I calculated that each gallon is only costing about .90 cents to make. The $25 *does* include a little bottle of essential oil for scent, not pictured here. Used a big bowl to dissolve the powder parts, and used a funnel. Only took 10 minutes. Years ago, I tried a recipe where I grated soap and made, I guess, a dry detergent. It took forever, made a huge mess, and I think cost a lot more.  But this was super easy!!!

This could reduce lots of plastic use over the course of a lifetime! The only plastic needed other than the reuse of a couple conventional detergent jugs would be the Castile soap, and that is good for about 14 loads. So if you live for 50 more years and you normally buy 1 gallon a month, you are saving like 556 plastic bottles. Whoa!! Oh, and since each gallon costs only .90 cents to make, you will save about $4200 (estimating that a normal jug costs about $8).

You can also make dish soap… here is the recipe: 3 cups water, 1/4 Dr. Bronner’s, 6 tbsp washing soda, 3 teaspoons vegetable glycerin, 15 drops essential oil.  (I didn’t have glycerin one time and just added some Cetaphil lotion… as an alternative)

Here is what you need (not pictured: essential oil of your choice):laundry2

Here is the recipe, written on the bottles (click here for original source):laundry1